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Lonnie M. Campbell lmharley at truvista.net
Sat Dec 13 13:35:40 EST 2008


Working with the Mike Hawkes car and being a big fan of "ease of
maintenance", I have decided to make a few changes to the interior to make
the engine more accessible including having the seats hinge forward and
remove with pins, re-doing the sheetmetal for easy access (hinges, dzus
clips, smaller panels, etc.), adding better sound insulation.  The guy who
will be doing that work has a suggestion that we make the rear glass out of
Lexan (I'll pass on the postings here) and have it hinge up - he is the
fabrication guy so I am not quite sure how he would do that but we will
certainly come to some agreement before biting into that though it would
make access better.  He is also a fan of showing off the motor and is
suggesting we install a clear divider behind the seats - his idea, not
something he has seen - and forgoing the panels altogether except for
directly behind the seats.

So, I have three questions:  Is anyone running a hinged Lexan rear window on
the street?  And is there a difference in the interior temperature (more
noisy being a given) with the clear "firewall"  as opposed to the
more-or-less standard engine cover? Lastly, is there a recommendation for a
particular power window kit for the rear side glasses?

I'll post in a few days some photos of the air intake under the front bumper
and the front wheelwells to answer some questions about how Mike finished
those areas - I am no computer guy so wish me luck.

The car itself is a blast to drive, I've replaced the leaking header
gaskets, changed the shifter handle to clear my long legs, and am trying to
sort out the rear taillight wiring which seems to be out of whack.  I see
the need for different springs, front and rear, and perhaps some adjustable
shocks - I am not a big fan of multiple spring spacers.

Lonnie Campbell

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