[V8Vairs] test - Lexan Back Glass

Jim Acker jim.acker at comcast.net
Sat Dec 13 19:20:30 EST 2008

I really don't mean to sound like an advertising agency for Arch Evans, but
he and his buddies in SoCal have done all this.  In addition to his Lexan
rear window, which can be hinged, he and his buddies in the South Coast
Corsa Chapter in SoCal all run firewalls with Lexan upper sections.  I would
encourage al of you to contact Arch, or any of the other members of that
chapter and look at their cars.  They have some beautiful V8 Corvairs and
Arch is trying to take the best of their ideas and make products from them.
I used the air dam most of them use for the front air supply to the radiator
and I have also copied the license plate intake most of them use.  Good
guys, nice cars and they have answes to many of the commonly asked questions
on this site.
Jim Acker

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