[V8Vairs] was there every a ring and pinion that did work?

Steve Goodman rearengine.steve at worldnet.att.net
Mon Dec 15 22:58:01 EST 2008

I don't know a present cost from CIDCO, I would suggest asking again.
If you are thinking of just flipping the ring gear to the other side like a
that won't work with the Corvair, no room inside the diff and the hypoid
gears won't work like that.


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> Hum,
> Do you know the cost of the parts bob offers as he never got  back to me,
> So you use reverse cut gears AND have to reverse the  engine,
> Why didn't someone make gears that worked with a stock  rotation engine
> wouldn't that have made more sense?
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> The only  way to correct the rotation of the gearbox is to use the
> reverse cut r/p  and Bob's pinion shaft.  Turning the engine backwards
> isn't a big deal  when as you rebuild it.  Otherwise you are stuck with
> the gearbox  turning backwards.
> I think you could squirt oil at the r/p and bearings  and maybe even
> inside the transmission too, that would all help when  running the
> gears backward.
> I don't see that you have any other  choices unless I am missing
> something.
> Steve
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