[V8Vairs] Drag Strip Class?

Larry larry at larryboardman.com
Thu Dec 18 13:30:54 EST 2008

Hi Paul:
Running without the cover would be a problem.  In my case, the track 
required the windows to be closed and you know how hot it gets in there!

Paul Siano wrote:
> I guess V-8 Corvair conversions are different enough that they can
> run in different classes depending on the driver's wish, to some degree,
> and the opinion of the tech inspectors which may vary from track to
> track.  I may try again when I finish my car. (again)  I agree that
> putting a V-8 Corvair in an altered class which requires a parachute
> and a fire suit was overkill.  It should be noted that I like to run my car without an engine cover which means there is no firewall, which may have been a factor in their decision.  Driving it is a little like flying in an open cockpit airplane rather than flying in an airliner.

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