[V8Vairs] rear disc brakes?

The13Bats at aol.com The13Bats at aol.com
Tue Dec 23 12:41:47 EST 2008

Seth's answer was what I was seeking, I belong to many car  forums, some I 
started, some I mod on and some I just post on and I learned long  ago that many 
times when a person posts a question it can mean different things  to 
different people.
For example if a newbie into vettes asked me where to get a  replacement 
stock brake set up I would give him the link to vette  brakes, if they wanted a 
restoration part I would send them to Ecklers  and explain that I have used them 
over 20 years,
If a VW fan asked me where to get a part specific to V'W's I  would provide 
him with links to the various VW parts houses I do business  with,
But I do understand the world of Internet forums very well and  know while 
some people take that extra step to help like seth did others just  like to be 
wise apples and get in a little posts that add nothing besides  getting 
themselves seen and heard, some people do like attention.
Thanks for all.
In a message dated 12/23/2008 11:35:06 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
vairmech at aol.com writes:

????  I know, I read Seth's description and it is right on track but you 
asked a  simple question and you got a simple answer, LOL.

Ken  Hand

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