[V8Vairs] rear disc brakes?

The13Bats at aol.com The13Bats at aol.com
Tue Dec 23 23:01:15 EST 2008


Some member is a smart ass to me you should be telling  him to chill out and 
if he cant help a person to keep his lame comments to  himself, I guess he 
gets away with it because he is your "buddy" other  members warn me of him in 
private and that you will do just this type  thing then you in some hitler 
dictator way threaten me, so kick me off  I will live, you sound like that fellow 
Matt on the other corvair forum taking  all the fun out of that forum,
Have you ever wondered why people seldom post here and when  they do there is 
no car crafter camaraderie and fun? 
It's because of this type attitude you have...this is a  corvair forum 
belonging to it's members not your personal little podium to flex  your cyber 
Merry Chrismas and happy holidays,
In a message dated 12/23/2008 10:47:28 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
martyscarr at gmail.com writes:

Hi  P

You  wrote:
But  I do understand the world of Internet forums very well and  know  while
some people take that extra step to help like seth did others  just  like to 
wise apples and get in a little posts that add  nothing besides  getting
themselves seen and heard, some people do  like  attention.
I  am the moderator of this group, and I am asking you to tone it down
a  bit.  This is the second time you have posted with an attitude, and
I  don't think that's necessary.  My advice is to chill if you don't
like  the answer.

Marty Scarr

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