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David C. Herrin III source at adnc.com
Wed Dec 31 06:38:38 EST 2008

Happy New Year !

I am ever slowly and very carefully returning to work.

As I have not been readily available for most of 2008  

- I will accept orders at the SALE prices found in the Corsa Communique 

for the last quarter of 2008 till 01/31/09:


September 2008 - RS & US Dual Master Cylinder Kits Pass. & FC

October 2008 - US 2021 Corsa Enterprises Front Spoilers

November 2008  - US EOEIA = Capacitive Discharge Ignition System

December 2008 - US HEI-I & US HEI -II

Limited to Stock on Hand Please

January 2009 - US HT7181 Ultra Series "Deep Dimple" Corvair Lifters

             reg. $ 99.95 Sale $ 79.95 

Warning these may be the Last ! Manufacturer is probably defunct.


Losing our manufacturers to the "Third World" and the Economy

Detailed Product Bulletins are available for most of our popular items.


I would like additional "beta" testers for our Ultra Series "Black & Gold
Kevlar" High Performance / Severe Service Brake Shoes esp. want Early and FC

- "Intro" pricing for those qualified evaluators; preference for our Ultra
Series "Street Kevlar" users.


I could also use some federal bailout funds ... +100 new high quality
products stalled for lack of funding. 

Of course - Nothing from the Third World.




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