[V8Vairs] re-NAPA master/slave

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  The NAPA MBC, when installed on my v8, has the brake side marked
  on the driver and the word "clutch", marked on the passenger side:


  I moved the residual valve from the side marked "brake" on the MC 
  to the side marked "clutch", since it's the actual brake pedal on my car.

  The yoke-rod actuated by the clutch pedal is here:


  Which despite the available adjustments (vertical & horizontal) would not 
  travel in a straight line into the appropriate port of the master. I've since, 
  ordered an adjustable linkage rod swivel end [ eBay item # 270278920758 ]
  in order to remedy this mis-aligning...

  I'll try to address the slave cylinder this weekend when the weather is gonna 
  turn 70 degrees here in Charlotte :)

  Would you happen to have a link/url to NAPA'a 1 1/16" slave cylinder?

  Many thanks,

  Tony I.     
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  ..Tony,that's the same master I just helped set up in Ron's mid-327..he's using a 1 1/16" slave,Ansen bellhsg and a stock 11" fly/PP..while the engine was in the shop,we set up a bare block/crank to check the clutch travel,alongside the car,but still had to pull the engine out once again to re-adj the ballstud..you should (need,really..) calculate the pedal lever ratio-master piston stroke volume,and what the slave needs to work the fork,then try it first to see if the pedal effort is tolerable..it'll make a difference in driveability..from the napa picture,which side is the brake ,and clutch you're hooked up to??

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