[V8Vairs] No thermostat...

Secular rusecular at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 23 04:04:40 EDT 2009

  Running your engine without a thermostat is fallacy. An engine will run cooler 
  initially without a thermostat.  After that IT WILL NOT!  Why you ask?  Again,  physics. 

   An engine running without the restriction of the thermostat in the system (remember, 
  even when it's wide open there's still some restriction in the system caused by the 
  thermostat's small opening) will not keep the coolant in the radiator long enough 
  for the radiator to 'radiate' the heat. 

   That is,  the coolant must stay in the radiator for a certain amount of time to dissipate 
  some of the heat it has absorbed from being in the engine block.  The coolant is in the 
  block.  It's hot.  It moves to the radiator and gets rid of some of the heat.  If it moves 
  through the radiator too FAST, without the restriction of the thermostat body,  it won't 
  get rid of as much heat.  Thermodynamics R Us...




  Tony Irani

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