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Howdy...  I don[t think that is the way it works.  With normal thermostats, 
chevvy sb, and normal radiators, and coolant at ... say...  230F .... it has 
been my anecdotal experience that the engine runs cooler with increased 

I could argue either way on the theory of it, but I think what actually 
happens is that the difference in temperatures at fast flow ( of the 
radiator metal vs the coolant temps ) is more important than the time 
required to penetrate a lot into the slower test flow of coolant.

Counting anecdotes in my sleep... ken campbell

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>  Running your engine without a thermostat is fallacy. An engine will run 
> cooler
>  initially without a thermostat.  After that IT WILL NOT!  Why you ask? 
> Again,  physics.
>   An engine running without the restriction of the thermostat in the 
> system (remember,
>  even when it's wide open there's still some restriction in the system 
> caused by the
>  thermostat's small opening) will not keep the coolant in the radiator 
> long enough
>  for the radiator to 'radiate' the heat.
>   That is,  the coolant must stay in the radiator for a certain amount of 
> time to dissipate
>  some of the heat it has absorbed from being in the engine block.  The 
> coolant is in the
>  block.  It's hot.  It moves to the radiator and gets rid of some of the 
> heat.  If it moves
>  through the radiator too FAST, without the restriction of the thermostat 
> body,  it won't
>  get rid of as much heat.  Thermodynamics R Us...
>  Source:
>  http://www.thebriton.com/cool.htm
>  Regards,
>  Tony Irani
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