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>  Running your engine without a thermostat is fallacy. An engine will run 
> cooler
>  initially without a thermostat.  After that IT WILL NOT!  Why you ask? 
> Again,  physics.
>   An engine running without the restriction of the thermostat in the 
> system (remember,
>  even when it's wide open there's still some restriction in the system 
> caused by the
>  thermostat's small opening) will not keep the coolant in the radiator 
> long enough
>  for the radiator to 'radiate' the heat.
>   That is,  the coolant must stay in the radiator for a certain amount of 
> time to dissipate
>  some of the heat it has absorbed from being in the engine block.  The 
> coolant is in the
>  block.  It's hot.  It moves to the radiator and gets rid of some of the 
> heat.  If it moves
>  through the radiator too FAST, without the restriction of the thermostat 
> body,  it won't
>  get rid of as much heat.  Thermodynamics R Us...
>  Source:
>  http://www.thebriton.com/cool.htm
>  Regards,
>  Tony Irani
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