[V8Vairs] Deer in headlights

Brown, Douglas T CIV NAVAIR DEPT douglas.t.brown at navy.mil
Mon Mar 23 12:21:00 EDT 2009

Ken, have you tried this?  http://www.deerwhistle.com/  Freeze them in
their tracks, so they can't hit you.

Just wondering, if they jump out from BEHIND a STOP sign, how fast were
you going?


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Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 16:02:22 -0700
From: "deltainc" <deltainc at grm.net>

I should mention that now that we have 3 or 5 zingy street cars, we find

that there are so many deer standing in the middle of the nice twisty
of Iowa .... that we are now afraid to go more than about 46 mph... day
night..... you don't just hit the deer, they jump out from behind a stop

sign and HIT YOU !!

Might have to rent a  race track to find a safe place to play boy racer

ken campbell,


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