[V8Vairs] Corsa Tach Recalibration for a V-8

Ed Dowds ed_dowds at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 12 17:08:58 EDT 2009

" The stock tach has an adjustment inside accessed through a hole in the back 
 of the tach and can be calibrated for a V8, I have done several.


"Adjusting" a 6 cyl tach for a V8, in this way, makes it read correctly only at the RPM you adjust it at.

The correct way to modify the take is to change the value of one of the two capacitors. I don't remember which one.

This was a common task in converting a 4 cyl Vega tach when installing a V8. 
I did that on my old V8 Vega in 1978.



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