[V8Vairs] Corsa Tach Recalibration for a V-8

Frank F Parker fparker at umich.edu
Sat Sep 12 20:15:25 EDT 2009

> Ed - Does the tach somehow become non-linear? - If you adjust it at 5000
> RPM to match a separate dwell tach, it is now matched at Zero RPM and  at
> 5000 RPM. Okay there might be a slight departure, but isn't the adjustment
> that Dougs mentions effective at all RPM?
> Seth  Emerson
My feeble memory matches Eds. If you adjust it with pot, it will be only 
correct at that rpm. The input capacitor on Rad's schmatic on mindspring 
.com shows stock C1 at 0.068. I sorta remember a new value of 0.083 but do
NOT depend on that. Someone has probablt documented that.



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