[V8Vairs] Corsa Tach Recalibration for a V-8

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"Adjusting" a 6 cyl tach for a V8, in this way, makes it read  correctly 
only at the RPM you adjust it at.

The correct way to modify  the take is to change the value of one of the 
two capacitors. I don't remember  which one.

This was a common task in converting a 4 cyl Vega tach when  installing a 
I did that on my old V8 Vega in  1978.


Ed - Does the tach somehow become non-linear? - If you adjust it at 5000  
RPM to match a separate dwell tach, it is now matched at Zero RPM and  at 
5000 RPM. Okay there might be a slight departure, but isn't the adjustment  
that Dougs mentions effective at all RPM?
Seth  Emerson

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