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Oops!  My bad!  You are absolutely correct and I was wrong.  I was thinking of
the word "Chevrolet", not "Corvair".  So, to restate the question correctly,
which Corvairs had the word "Chevrolet" on the visible surface of the body
(Note: Body Tag or VIN does not count).

As for your second point, we were looking for parts made in 1960 which
continued unchanged through the model run and fit all Corvair and FC makes and
models.  It is true that many aftermarket and reproduction parts fit many
Corvairs, but they are later versions of an earlier part that changed along
the way, or they don't actually fit All models, such as FCs.  Also,
consumables, such as gaskets, filters, etc. and general hardware were

Bill Hubbell

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  Funny, I thought all Corvairs had the 'Corvair' name on them. Except maybe
some FC models.
  All ya gotta do is look at the Clark's catalog. You'd be surprised how many
parts fit 60-69 Corvairs. Like U joints, differential side seals and O rings,

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