<VV> Corvair by Chevrolet (was: More Corvair Parts trivia)

Steven J. Serenska corvair@serenska.com
Sun, 1 Aug 2004 08:15:44 -0400


Fun question.  I decided to gather a little photographic evidence to support my answer.  As Tony U. mentioned, the word "Chevrolet" appeared on the rear deck of the '60 Models:


It also appeared on Rampsides:







The above were just to show what I think is the more distinctive Chevrolet script on FC's rears.  Of course, all FC's had the word Chevrolet on them, because of the front "grille":


I'm pretty sure that the word Chevrolet didn't appear anywhere on a Lakewood.  I couldn't find any comprehensive photos of a '62 Monza Station wagon, but I'll take a guess and say that the '62 Monza Wagon followed the styling cues of the Lakewood and was labeled for the Corvair/Monza only.

You would also have to add early models (62-63???) that came equipped with the optional 2-prong spinner hubcaps:


And finally, I couldn't find any decent photos, but you'd also have to include any 67-69 model that came equipped with optional wire wheel covers (i.e., non-spinner).  I couldn't put my hand on a close-up photo, but I'm pretty sure that the center insert has the word Chevrolet on it.  Personally, I'd rather have the spinners and just wear a Chevrolet T-Shirt.

Did I miss any?

Steven "still thinks he might be missing one" Serenska

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