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    As sent to me by Bill Hadley....  Yenko Stinger models anyone????


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    Did you receive this message I sent to you?

    Bill Hadley
    Yenko #119



    Found this great model web site and you will see I asked about our beloved
Stingers. Maybe we need a "blast" e-mail to Yenko owners (and Corsa) urging
them to get one of their model makers to do some "runs" with Yenko Stinger
markings. I am sure they would be considerably more than the "19.99" price for
the current '69 Corvair model, but the 1959 Stingray model I am buying is

    Let me know your thoughts!



    Hi Mr. Hadley:

    Thanks for your email and for your kind words about our site!

    The 1959 Stingray model is currently out of stock but should be re-stocked
soon. That is really exciting about your relationship to Dick Thompson! We'll
try to get the model back just as soon as we can - it's a great one!

    I have not heard about a Yenko Corvair in development but will sure keep
you posted if we come across anything!

    Best wishes,


    Yenko119@aol.com wrote:
      I have just discovered your sight!

      Great array of car models for sale. I definitely will "bookmark" this
for future reference and pass it along to the members of our Corvair Club!

      I saw your review of the 1959 Corvette Stingray 1/18 scale model and
wondered when this would be available for purchase. Holds many memories for me
as Dr Dick Thompson was by personal dentist in Washington, D.C. as well as a
friendly competitor at Marlboro Speedway in Maryland. I actually got to sit in
the Stingray when Dick was working with it.

      Are you aware on any of the die cast manufactures coming out with a 1/18
scale Yenko Stinger (late model Corvair). I have #119 and I am sure other
Stinger owners would be interested as well!


      Bill Hadley
      Baton Rouge, LA

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