<VV> Turbo Advance/Retard Hybrid Unit

UltraMonzaWest@aol.com UltraMonzaWest@aol.com
Sun, 1 Aug 2004 14:21:28 EDT

eggman@owt.com writes:[ real name please!]

> I have noticed this hybrid unit offered by clark's corvair parts that 
> acts as both a vacuum advance and pressure retard. They claim that, 
> starting with static timing at 18-20 degrees advance to account for 
> V.A., "throttle response seems much quicker with and without boost. 
> Boost seems to start sooner and go a little higher." Does anyone have 
> any real-world experience with this unit?
These are made by Dale Mfg.  in Salem, Or.  andare marketed by all the 

Since the 150/180 turbo'd enginesare basically 80 hp. engines, yest it does 
improve throttle response...driveability...and power- economy...

as far as improving boost????  not usually....imo..  The reason for this 
isthat thestock distributor has no mechanical advance until 3800 rpm!  that, along 
with no VA...makes it less than stellar in performance...off boost..