<VV> Squeaking from pass anger side rear.

N. Joseph Potts pottsf@msn.com
Sun, 1 Aug 2004 22:06:27 -0400

Put the rear wheels up on ramps and get under the pivot where the trailing
arm attaches to the body (forward of the wheel). The arm pivot CAN slip on
the bushing so that the arm rubs against the bracket it pivots in. This
should be something you can see, but if you're in doubt (think you see a
contact point), spray some grease at that point, put the car down, and
listen. Compare the side that squeaks with the side that doesn't. This
happened to me and I had the dickens of a time finding it, then fixing it.
     If you find this condition, I have ideas for how to fix it that might
spare you having to replace the bushing (big job).

Joe Potts
Miami, Florida USA
1966 Corsa coupe 140hp 4-speed with A/C

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Please try not to laugh long and hard.

My 65,110/pg has developed a squeek on the drivers side. Maybe it had it
before, but with the engine quieter, it is noticible. If I bounce the car
I hear it, but can not figure out where its comming from.

The shocks are 2 years old, and the car still sits right.  Tried greasing
that side, but could not see any obvious rub spots.  It still has the
orig wheel bearings (no grease fitting).

It only makes the noise on the upswing.  Almost sounds like the shock
uncompressing.  Am I supposed to grease the shaft of the shock?