<VV> Replacement Part Quality

Anarchyburger@aol.com Anarchyburger@aol.com
Mon, 2 Aug 2004 02:13:23 EDT

We can ship any part of a Corvair car or truck. Big items such as quarter 
panels, front fenders or FC front door openings can go by truck almost anywhere 
in the country for under $300.00. Smaller parts such as hinge areas, floors, 
front and rear panels, trunklids, decklids, doors and most everything else can 
ship via UPS.
We are setup to properly package and ship these items every business day and 
would be happy to group up larger orders going to the same location.
I wouldn't mess around with fiberglass when you can easily get the "real 

Jeff Williams
California Corvair Parts, Inc.
Corona, California 92881 (USA)