<VV> Fuel line

EUGENE1938@aol.com EUGENE1938@aol.com
Mon, 2 Aug 2004 14:19:35 EDT

The two metal lines should line up with each other about an inch to inch and 
a half apart.  The rubber line that connects them should run at a straight 
line between the two.  It would appear that in your case the body line is out of 
place.  This is not uncommon.  There is a clamp located above the rear axle 
area on the underside of the body where the fuel line should be held.  If you 
can find this clamp, reroute the line to this clamp and then directly toward the 
fuel line from the engine compartment.  If you end up with a greater space 
between the two line, it's no problem just as long as the rubber line runs 
fairly straight line.

Ed Corson (CORSA member)
IECC - Riverside, CA