<VV> Unsigned Communique Letter

Hank Kaczmarek kaczmarek@charter.net
Mon, 2 Aug 2004 16:48:12 -0400

Greetings all.

I agree fully with a wise friend of mine who told me in his opinion, as a
group V V spent too much bandwidth on the member who wrote the ridiculous
letter in the Communique. This post is NOT intended to stir it up again.

For the benefit of all who wondered.......

I have it on excellent authority that in past years there have been unsigned
letters printed in readers forum.  I supposed in the long history of the
magazine, this might have been the case.

Also, that in this particular case, the name of the author was verified to be
a CORSA member.

Even more interesting,

There is a clause in the magazines editorial policy that says that the Board
must approve any controversial letters before they are published. Because this
letter was merely unsigned, the BoD was not contacted for approval. Makes
sense to me...The letter was controversial only in our opinions, that being
that the writer couldn't buy a clue to reality with a 100.00 dollar bill.

If someone....say, a Director---would have come on and quoted the policy, the
thread would have ended cold before it even got heated up.  I guess that was
too much to ask.....

What bothers me is that no Director  came on while Chuck, myself, and half a
dozen others fumed about this letter. Not even to say that Harry or Mike might
respond when time allowed.

     Guess I wouldn't have fit in well with the Board....Perhaps the members
did me a favor.
One thing they all seem to agree on---even the new ones, is "keep quiet and
perhaps it will go away".  In this case,  there wasn't anything for them to
decide on, merely quote the editorial policy clause and we would all have
moved on. Was it not necessary??  It was for me to find out.

But if you want to talk about how many LHT fasteners a particular model had,
THEN you can get some Directors to respond....

Sorry Directors,  but the job is more than a title, and I feel a bit let down
by you--especially the ones who read this forum every day.

Politics---uh huh...........