<VV> Why my wife loves my Corvair (or chirp and squeak update)

Lauren C Mizel slmizel@juno.com
Mon, 2 Aug 2004 15:54:52 -0500

I promised to keep the group updated on the "chirp and squeak" issues and
progress... (1) the noise was definitely the pass rear bearing...several
recommended that I purchase a whole hub assembly...I already have new
bearings, though, so I may check into a local machine shop or see if
someone in the local club would be willing to do a "tech session" :). 
(2) I attended my very first Corvair club meeting (the Show-Me Club).  I
was thrilled!  Not only did it make me feel youing (I believe I was the
youngest person in the room), but I was able to hook up with a number of
guys whose experience and knowledge is just what I need to become a
better Vair owner and maintainer!  Two guys even volunteered to help me
change my flywheel and clutch assembly!  I learn by doing and it is a
huge encouragement to know that I will have some exerienced people around
when I get my parts in from Underground.  (3) My wife always liked my
Vair, but now she loves it...why?  In order to work on the car in the
garage I have had to clean out the garage...in order to clean out the
garage I have had clean out the storage area in the basement in order to
make room for 15,000 sponges (see www.gandsmarketing.com if you are
curious why)...in order to clean out the storage room I have had to
finish drywalling the family room that I built in the basement last
summer.  I have been working non-stop for three days because of the
Corvair...but not on the Vair!  I've just been doing all the things I
have not "had time" to get done because I am so busy...I guess much of
life really is a matter of motivation!  :)

Thanks again for all the help with my rookie questions.  I have always
been a fan of the Vair...but I never dreamed the Vair community of
enthusiasts would be so cool. 

Steve Mizel
Show-Me Corvair Club
'65 Corsa Vert 140/4

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