<VV> Re: Unsigned Communique Letter

Gary Swiatowy mopar@jbcs2.net
Wed, 4 Aug 2004 05:26:47 -0400

> From: vairologist@juno.com
> Subject: <VV> Re:  Unsigned Communique Letter
> Smitty says;  Before I got my comunique I assumed someone had just plain
> dumped all over the vendors.  Now I have read it and I don't see what all
> the fuss was about.  The guys primary gripe seems to be that guys like me
> are rat holing NOS parts and won't let him have any.  Then he gets into
> the quality of vendor parts which is pretty much garbage and finally he
> tells us that he is having his own stuff chromed and anodized because of
> what he perceives as poor quality replacement parts.  Every one of has
> that option and a number of us utilize that option.  Poor unhappy
> character.  I wish the storm hadn't been stirred up.  A well thought out
> letter to the open forum in rebuttal would have served more of a purpose.

I agree with Smitty, this guys letter sounds like sour grapes to me. Over
the years I have run into quite a few people that have been looking for
various NOS parts. Very few of these people wish to pay what they are worth.
Our vendors have a fairly good supply as well, all depends what you want to
pay. This I think is the problem, most people think these parts should be
sold to them for "give away" prices. As a person that has been into Vairs
for quite some time, I have picked up a few items for a decent price in
case I need them in the future. Why should I not hoard them for my own use?
Or if I want to sell, why shouldn't I get a fair price?

Sounds like the guy is plain cheap to me............

Gary Swiatowy