<VV> RE: Towing

Keith Hammett khammett@stainlessfab.com
Wed, 4 Aug 2004 12:08:53 -0500

I towed my rampy with the front wheels on the dolly, pulled just fine.  If
you have a PG make sure rear pump is working or be prepared to replace

If you put the rear wheels on the tow dolly make sure you tie off the front
wheels!  This way makes it harder on the dolly as the wheels can't turn to
help you make tight corners.

Keith Hammett
'62 Rampside PG (towed on dolly forwards)
'65 Monza Convert (towed on dolly backwards with no engine)

-----Original Message-----
If one were to tow a Rampside on a tow dolly, behind a full-size Chevy van,
what would be the preferred way?  Rear wheels on dolly, because the engine
end would likely be the heaviest?  Or front wheels on dolly, because the cab
end might be as heavy as the engine, not to mention less wind resistance?
Or how about 4 down and a towbar?  Yes I know a flatbed would be best.