N2VZD@aol.com N2VZD@aol.com
Thu, 5 Aug 2004 07:26:11 EDT

well yesterday i fired my new "dream" engine up on the bench. it has been a 
long haul with personal interruptions. it runs very very good though. it is a 
140 with 2 carbs and a/c base gaskets and .042 head gaskets. i used a 140 pg 
crank and 9889 cam. i kept  the used lifters with the cam. i made boards with 
holes drilled for lifters to keep them on the lobes they came with. i made an 
adapter out of steel to hold them in place in my  parts cleaner bucket.  they 
seem to adjust fine and run quiet. cant wait to put it in the van. oil pressure 
is very good with 55 off idle and never drops lower than 35 or so. i hope to 
have time today to put the new rebuilt differential on and finish details on 
shrouds etc. then i have to clean out my swampy shop!    i took pictures of it 
on bench as i ran it if anyone cares. i will try to post on site today.  
i tried the link for yenko pictures and it wont work.   regards tim colson