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Rick & Janet Norris rickjanet@charter.net
Thu, 5 Aug 2004 20:34:56 -0400

So Hank, do you have all the Schmenge Brothers music??


> Good Morning
> I don't necessarily want to start a thread on speakers, but the EUM won't
> tolerable for more than a short run without music.  I have a radio that I
> mount under the dash or in the glovebox, probably the dash so I can adjust
> it.
>   I don't want to cut into the doors or the new door panels I haven't even
> bought yet.
> So what has worked for you???  Under seat speakers, speakers that fit well
> certain spots??? Sizes, brands, Good and bad experiences both needed to
> me from buying the wrong things.  TIA for all responses, URL's and
> the group can offer, on or off list.
> Hank
> (music lover, but not an audiophile)