<VV> Disc Brake Question, no Corvair

Joel McGregor joelsplace@earthling.net
Thu, 5 Aug 2004 22:55:03 -0500

This problem could apply to Corvairs as well actually.  I discovered the
answer after puzzling over it for a while.  I've had several vehicles do
this to different degrees.  Your rubber brake lines are most likely bad.
The inside deteriorates and partially blocks the line.  Sometimes they act
like check valves and will really drive you nuts.  My Fiero pulled hard to
one side when you first applied the brakes and then went straight.  If you
applied the brakes very slowly it would stop straight.  I replaced the hoses
and fixed it. 

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I think I am having a problem with newly (aftermarket rebuilt) installed ABS

front disc brake calipers/pads. If one were defective, would the car pull 
toward or away from it? I'm guessing away if it was sticking slightly in the

unapplied position, but wanted to check opinions. Sometimes when I first
apply the 
brakes normally, the car jerks quickly to the left and then settles in and 
slows/stops fine. If the brakes are applied very, very slowly, there is no 
problem. If pumped slightly, there is also no problem. I am sure there is no
air in 
the system and I replaced most of the fluid in the changing process. There
nothing like this going on before, but they had to be replaced when one of 
the ceramic pistons in the original calipers locked up and cracked (and
the rotor) at 160K miles of use. The replacements are all steel. Thanks for 
your ideas,
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