<VV> Unsolvable Clutch Problem in my FC

Dan & Synde dsjkling@sbcglobal.net
Thu, 5 Aug 2004 23:16:46 -0700

Hi Charles,

Well, if the cable is moving about 1 inch back at the clutch rod, then that
would rule out the cable itself.  If the pressure plate is in good condition
with no broken parts then that pretty much rules that out. It could very
well be the pilot bushing.  Have you tried another one yet?  There are
several schools of thought on lubing the pilot bushing too.  Some say to
soak in oil or force oil into it.  I use a small dab of white lithium grease
behind the pilot bushing and a very thin film to start out with on the end
of the input shaft.  Before I had done too many clutch jobs I used general
purpose grease and had problems with it gumming up and sticking.  It was
worse after it heated up and would do what you describe. You said the clutch
disc itself is clean so that rules that out. Its not likely to be an endplay
problem in the crankshaft because I had a crankshaft with over twice the max
endplay and the clutch worked fine.

I would guess at this point that it is either the pilot bushing or the cable
is just not moving enough back at the clutch rod.  The lengthening of the
clutch pedal should just about rule the cable but you could measure it since
it is easier than pulling the engine again to get at the pilot bushing.
Sure sounds like something heating up though like the problem I had with the
pilot bushing and lube.

Dan Kling

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>I remember some time ago that you said you tried increasing the throw back
>at the clutch end by creating a lever where the cable connects at one point
>and the clutch rod connects at another point on a lever.  Is this still the
>case or is it back to a stock configuration where the clutch rod moves the
>same amount as the cable does?  I tried the lever trick and ended up
>damaging a cable and could no longer use it because it had put too much
>tension on it and wore out the plastic cable liner.

No.  I have removed the lever contraption.  Now the lengthened pedal is the
only non-stock thing.

It seems to work right after starting up the engine, but after I get to the
end of my street, the problem starts again.


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