<VV> Unsolvable Clutch Problem in my FC

Mike Ioanes mioanes@woh.rr.com
Fri, 6 Aug 2004 09:18:57 -0400

Alan writes:----- > This describes exactly the problem I had with the
8-door's clutch. Three
> times. After three rebuilds, and with the symptoms persisting but my bank
> account showing signs of stress, I decided that the only options were to
> in a PG or sell it.
> Sadly, I sold it.
> Cheers
> Alan
Should have put a PG in it.  "Greenbrier Goon" should have kept his PG.  So
far, all my Corvairs have been 2-carb PG's- a trouble-free combination..
Not saying I would never buy one with a stick, or a 140 or turbo.
Mike Ioanes