<VV> please help me get my 64 running

John Headley robedinpurple@yahoo.com
Sat, 7 Aug 2004 09:15:30 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

Been away on business, but I bought a 64 monza prior
to leaving.  As a refresher, I got the car home, then
the next day it was knocking.  I changed the oil (no
bearing material), then let it run for a while to see
if it was a lifter that would pump up per Ken Hand's
idea.  The car quit while idling and won't run now.

Today I got back at it to try the basics and see what
we've got here.  The lowdown:
-car will start and run very briefly with starting
-spark verified with the pull the wire trick on #1
-pulled off gas lines at each carb and watched gas
spurt out as I turned it over
-removed the "stone" filters in the carbs for a check
if it would run without - it wouldn't
-compression test shows 90-110 psi per cylinder (my
gauge isn't the best, but it will show a very low
cylinder - that's another story)

I'm kind of stumped.  If I have compression, gas, and
spark, why won't it run?  The thing I keep coming back
to is it will start when I use the starting fluid, so
I'm still leaning towards fuel.

I need some ideas, I really wanted this car to go to
the DACC Homecoming and Woodward cruise.  Please copy
me private if you send to the list, I am trying to
catch up on VV's yet.

-John Headley
64 monza convert
Royal Oak, MI

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