<VV> Clutch question

AeroNed@aol.com AeroNed@aol.com
Sun, 8 Aug 2004 20:01:24 EDT

I've had a very low clutch release point in my '66 Corsa for ever. I have the 
cable set up per the shop manual, the undeflected point is about 3/4" off the 
trans mount. I can't see any flex in the different components, the clutch rod 
starts to move when the pedal is pressed. I have a small amount of deflection 
before the throwout bearing contacts the fingers, I don't want to preload the 
bearing as that will cause it to wear out (again). Could the disk be too 
thick? what else am I missing to get the release point off the floor? 

BTW: As I'm getting close to having the silver coupe "finished", I'm heading 
off to LA for a week. I'll be working second shift but may have some time to 
go visit Larry...

Ned Madsen
1965/6 Corvair Monza/Corsa 140 (soon to have AC)
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