<VV> hub caps, tires, and speakers

Dennis & Debbie Pleau ddpleau@earthlink.net
Sun, 08 Aug 2004 19:46:48 -0500

For some reason, I have a bunch of Corvair hub caps, I personally thing 
they breed .  It all started at a Valley Corsa Meeting (now Silicon Valley 
CORSA) They have or used to have great auctions every other month.  I had 
bought 63 with 3 good wheel covers and at the next meeting there were a 
bunch of good and 63 and 62 wheel covers up for auction.  I looked them all 
over before the start of the meeting and decided on which 63 was the 
best.  When they went up for bin no one bid for the first two wheel covers 
and then the one I wanted went up for bid.  I bid $0.50, and no one bid 
against me.  No one bid on the other covers, so they decided I got all 7 
for my $0.50.  That was the start of my collection.  I did select the best 
centers and caps from the ten wheel covers I had strip and repaint them and 
ended up with a great set of wheel covers.

And then their was the story in Albuquerque where on of the other club 
members wanted the 4 late model wire wheel covers and I wanted four of the 
seven early model wires.  We made a great deal for the covers we wanted as 
long as we bought all 25 to 30 Corvair wheel covers and hub caps they had 
for sale.  The other guy with me in the deal got his 4 caps, I made the 
best set of earlies wires out of the 7, sold the rest of the early wires 
and the two mags at the GWFBT&SM for more than we paid for the whole deal.

After that, every time I went in to my Garage, there were more Corvair hub 
caps and wheel covers in my garage.  If you look at he early 1996 
Communique cover, where Corvairs spell out CORSA and the CNM logo is made 
out of wheel covers, at least 1/2 of those caps and cover were mine.  I 
swear they breed.  Let me know what you need, Monza or CORSA,


06:00 PM 8/6/2004, Bonnzz@aol.com wrote:
>Hey gang,
>does any one have a 13 inch Corsa hub cap for sale?? I have only 3 for the 66
>I am restoring. I have a Spyder cap I can trade for it if someone needs one.
>It doesn't need to be in concourse condition, but would like a nice one.
>Also, will a 205-60-13 fit on a stock rim, and not rub on the tie rod ends??
>As to the person that has the speaker question, I just bought a really cool
>300 watt, complete with a nice finnished box, (with 2 nice chrome bars going
>across the speakers) for only 15 bucks at Walmart. It fits great in the rear
>cargo area under the rear window. Can't beat it for only 15 bucks. Also 
>very well with only a 40 watt radio.
>                                                          Mark Kinnan
>Lake Placid, Fl.
>                                                           64 Spyder, 66 
> Corsa
>140 with a 4 bbl
>                                                              Bonnzz@aol.com
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