<VV> Re: Repro Tank Life? (Long)

Mike Stillwell yenko117@yahoo.com
Mon, 9 Aug 2004 10:30:20 -0700 (PDT)

 I have a question for the group. A little background,
I've been rebuilding a '65 vert for a customer, using
another rusted out '65 as the parts source. The
builder was basically a bare shell, the rusty one had
been "restored" prior to his purchase, less than 2
years ago. Part of this "restoration" was a new repro
gas tank, the kind made in Canada that everyone sells.
 This weekend, I finally got the brakes finished, fuel
system together and engine assembled, so I could give
it a test run. I drained the tank last month before
removing it from the rusty car. I poured in 2 gallons
of gas and went back to manually pump the pump and
prime the carbs. As a course of habit, I stuck my head
under the car to look for leaks, and there was a drip
from the tank area. I had replaced the nasty looking
sender, so I assumed I must not have the gasket seated
right or the ring was not square. Wipe off the bottom
of the tank, and I notice the seal was holding fine,
but the leak was coming from about 4 inches inboard of
the outlet. Another wipe, and I could tell there was a
small rusted through pin-hole. I was/am not happy. The
tank looks brand new with zinc coating still in place,
no damage or anything. 
 My question, is how long are these things supposed to
last? Does anyone know of a manufacturer's warranty? I
do not know which vendor it came from, as I'm sure
they would stand behind a part they sold, but I'm just
really irritated that my customer is basically out a
seemingly new tank. BTW - this car had been stored
inside a good part of the past 2 years.

 Thanks for any advice or words of encouragement.


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