<VV> Electrical Fire (long)

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Mon, 9 Aug 2004 21:39:18 -0500

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From: "Dennis & Debbie Pleau" <ddpleau@earthlink.net>
 It smoked up pretty
> good before the breaker opened up, but it shut off the current, before I
> could get the battery unhooked.  I think it is a worthwhile addition.
> Dennis
Yep, last eve I was out mowing our horse pasture with my little Allis
Chalmers D14, ( I think of this as a redneck corvair, but with maybe more
power (g))....   anyway, a really strange noise and it stopped.
Burnt the big NEGATIVE lead connection right off at the battery terminal ...
wow !!! solder all over the place ... wow ....
This would have taken a mammoth short, so I am thinking ... shorted out
starter motor .... but haven't a clue as to how the starter relay got
actuated ... maybe the relay shorted, engaged the starter motor, it spun at
2300 rpm with the main engine for awhile, and then blew all to heck and now
I got a direct short ....

not corvair exactly, but that could happen to a 'vair, I guess ..... too bad
it wasn't at night, betcha was a big fireball ....

regards, Ken in Iowa ... " what can I destroy next ?  "