<VV> RE: Unsolvable Clutch Problem in my FC

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Mon, 9 Aug 2004 21:43:03 -0700

Hi Craig,

1) Yep, oil would probably do it since it is an oil impregnated bushing to
begin with.  I just started using lithium grease at the suggestion of an old
timer years ago and it has worked faithfully for me for the life of the
clutch.  I'm a creature of habit and when I find something that works I tend
to stick with it.  Chassis grease or wheel bearing grease definitely doesn't

Okay, my flame suit is on, zipped up.... Some have mentioned staying with a
PG in an FC.  Bulletproof yes but IMHO I certainly wouldn't put the PG back
in it once I'd gone to the trouble of  yanking it out.  PG's in a FC remind
me of my childhood driving the Autopia cars at Disneyland; Didn't matter how
hard you mashed the pedal the performance just wasn't there.   I owned a 62
4 door PG and drove it for years.  It was okay but I always longed for a
stick in it.  My 61 Greenbrier originally had the 80 HP motor with a 4 spd
and would run circles around my 4 door.  Rush hour traffic would probably be
the only place where I'd want it in my FC and that desire would evaporate as
soon as the passing lane was available :).  My opinion though.....

1961 Greenbrier Deluxe, 4spd, 3.89 110HP On the Road Again, yeehaw :)

1963 Spyder, restored 4spd Saginaw(made it fit), awaiting engine

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  Coupla comments:
  1) In my understanding, lubing the pilot bushingwith grease is not the way
to go. I used to do that and had trouble. Since then, I have learned that
the porous brass bushing should be placed on your thumb, filled with 30wt
and squeezed with your forefinger.  When the oil comes out the external
pores of the bushing, the bushing is filled and ready for use.