<VV> Engine Ground Keeps Getting Dirty

bob mccrum bmccrum@comcast.net
Mon, 9 Aug 2004 23:55:13 -0500

one suggestion--after cleaning throughly and reassembling pieces, coat the
assembly with DC-4.  (stands for dow-corning number 4).  is a dielectric
sealer/lube we use on aircraft to prevent the exact problem you're having.
In addition, I've used it for years as a lube on my oil filters instead of
motor oil, better sealant and however tight you put the filter on, that's
the exact pressure you will need to untighten the filter.  probably find
dc-4 at a good FLAPS, good luck, bob mc
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> Any suggestions for keeping the contact surfaces clean where the engine
ground strap attaches to the cylinder head?
> My '63 loses voltage every great once in a while.  After I clean the
surfaces (bolt, washer, strap, cylinder head), it perks right up.
> The battery is in the trunk already, so there's no problem with fumes.  I
am wondering if there's anything I can do to keep things clean for longer
> Michael Smith
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