<VV> Tach test

Harry Yarnell Harry Yarnell" <hyarnell1@earthlink.net
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 07:44:16 -0400

Wasn't there something I read awhile back about using a filament transformer
(remember them?) hooked to the tach, and the 60 cycles would read a certain
rpm. Anybody remember this?

Harry Yarnell
perryman garage and orphanage
perryman, MD

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> > Is there a method to test the tach operation directly at the the unit? >
> The car is a Corsa 140
> > Chris Hewitson
> ***********
> 14 feet of flexy hook up wire direct from the coil negative to the tach
> connection under dash, for the signal.
> ... if that doesn't fire it up, ( engine running ) then jumper from a
> good ground and a known good  +12 volts , both tested with voltmeter, to
> appropriate wires at the tach.
> ***********
> Corvair dash grounds are notorious for going weird, keep this in mind.
> Just a start, but easy to do ... ken campbell, iowuh.
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