<VV> Re: Butt ugly mag caps

Robert Marlow nortechcorp@optonline.net
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 09:33:35 -0400

At 05:34 PM 8/9/04 -0400, airvair wrote:

> Actually, I think it's more like SOMEbody got the bright idea of charging
the same as wires, because the demand was so slow that they didn't have a
price base to go on. Then all the sickos jumped on the bandwagon. That's
the only reason that can explain why the 13's are the same price while
identical-looking 14's are half price for mags as wires. <

No, I still go back to Mike Kovacs' Supply & Demand.  14-inchers are far
more common than 13s, and 13-inch mag caps are less plentiful than the
13-inch wire caps.  Today, enough people like them to push the price up.
Price gouging only works where there is an artificial demand, such as home
repair supplies before and after a hurricane.

But, Mark, since you are convinced that the 13-inch mag caps are "butt
ugly," I can help:  Send your butt-ugly mag caps to me.  In fact, pry 'em
off that car of yours that has them as factory-installed.  Bring them to
the BeaveRun event on August 29, and I'll take them back to NJ where you'll
have the assurance of likely never seeing them again.

You can't put a price on aesthetic comfort such as that!



Robert W. Marlow