<VV> Re: <VV>Mag caps

airvair airvair@richnet.net
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 10:50:09 -0400

There is a caveat there. I know of at least two styles of 14" mag caps
that GM used. They are distinguished by the ring in the center, among
other things. The ones that match the Corvair cap best have a raised
ring, while the others have a flat ring.

In searching out a set for my road wheels, I ended up with two full sets
of flat ring caps. Any buyers?


Sethracer@aol.com wrote:
> The Mag wheel covers share something with the late (64-up) wire covers. The
> 13" versions and the 14" versions are so close in appearance that they can be
> interchanged on a car. Shared, really. On a couple of Corvairs I drove in the
>  70's, I installed 13 x 7 wheels on the front and 14 x 7 wheels on the back -
> to  better balance tire loads. I used the 14" Wire caps on the back wheels
> and 13"  caps on the front. Only the "calibrated eyeball" types can tell the
> difference. - Seth Emerson