<VV> Fwd: '69 Corvair for sale

Tony Underwood tonyu@roava.net
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 11:00:49 -0700

At 10:34 hours 08/10/2004 -0400, FrankCB@aol.com wrote:
>       WHERE??  WHERE??  WHERE??
>       Frank "when will they ever learn" Burkhard
>> Please reply to David, not me.
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>> >Trying to help a friend out...
>> >someone please cross post this to VV for me.
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>> >
>> > For  Sale
>> >
>> >1969 Monza coupe (vin 5438) 140 4 speed (Originally a 110 automatic)
>> >car needs body restoration... It has a corsa RB motor with New dual 
>> >exhaust and Clarks ultimate Oil pan, Freshly rebuilt carbs and a set 
>> >of Seth's Wires
>> >Brakes have been re worked and the car can be driven... It is a very 
>> >good strong running 140
>> >
>> >body is not bad and really just needs the normal rust repair in all of 
>> >the corners., and minor windshield area work, Also the floor under the 
>> >rear seat is thin from surface rust... (have a replacement cut from a 
>> >donor car)
>> >Seats have headrest but need to be completely re covered.
>> >
>> >Pictures available
>> >$1250.00

I know where...  

This car is in Davids back yard in Roanoke VA.   It's not a bad deal, needs
cosmetic work but the driveline is good and the 140 engine is pretty
strong, would make a fun driver... and of course it's a '69 Monza and that
alone makes it worthy of attention even if the paint *is* ugly.    Besides,
Davids wife is on him about the cars in the back yard... :)    Me, I'd not
mind looking at Vairs in the yard myself.    

If I didn't already have too many projects and I *did* have some extra
expendable bucks on hand, *I* would consider this car.    Besides, I have
the original '69 engine that came out of the car before the 140hp engine
swap...  ;)    However, I need to finish up what's here already before
acquiring anything else.