<VV> Egads!!!!

Ken Wildman k-wildman@onu.edu
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 11:24:01 -0400

 At 11:15 AM 8/10/04 -0400, Sadek Charles H DLVA wrote:


        These look like static display photos... <VBG>  How do we know
the Ultras are even moving?!  ;>)  Where is the tire smoke and noise-I
was looking forward to wheels spinning, huge amounts of tire smoke,
flames from underneath the rear.... heh, heh....

        Seriously-well, sort of seriously, if drag racing an Ultra can be
considered serious, I think it is truly cool that you drive them darn
things from the far parts of the country and drag race 'em.  We have
people who won't drive their Corvair 300 mi to a convention...

Way to go!

Chuck S.

Well, you'll notice no pictures of #338 at the drags.  *She who must be
obeyed* was not supportive of my competitive instincts....  <GGG>

Of course we *DO* drive our Ultra.  Driving is at least half the fun. 
Planning on making the trip from Ohio to Iowa next month for the Ultra
national rally.