<VV> I have decided to strip the 65 parts car.

chris czepyha thegeek2@juno.com
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 09:24:19 -0400

I have decided to strip the 65 parts car this winter.  So now is the time
to start my plans.  The motor and automatic transmission are good.   The
floors are shot, the body looks decent...just don't have the time for it.

I have till october to figure out the order to start removing things.  
Trim, doors, etc are an easy pick.  What I have not figured out is what
order to remove the rest.  Engine, rear suspension, front suspension, gas
tank etc.
My garage is the 15X 22.  Or about 5 feet in front/behind the car up a
slope to the driveway.

The vehicle is in Warwick, RI if somebody wants to come haul it away.

I am reserving the front/rear chrome, emblems, and rear wheel hub for
myself.  My other 65 needs a rebuild of these parts.

The rest can go. I have access to a saws all, but no cutting torches.  
It will cost about $150 to get the hulk removed.

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