<VV> Events at Racers'Reunion Sun 29 Aug at Hampton Inn, Cranberry PA

Sadek Charles H DLVA SadekCH@NSWC.NAVY.MIL
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 11:25:53 -0400

Come one and all,


            Bring your Corvair ride to the Hampton Inn in Cranberry PA on
Sunday 29 August 04 and again to the BeaveRun track event the next day, 30
August 04.  Again we will have a very informal display of Corvairs.  Whether
you are doing the track event the next day or not, you are welcome to join
us and talk shop about Corvairs and show your cars. No cost to join us on


            If you have a wheel that fits a Corvair that is not stock, and
not mounted on the car (which hopefully you are bringing), bring that wheel.
We will have a very informal display of wheels for Corvairs.


            Currently our agenda shows two tech sessions; one on
rollcage/safety considerations in preparing a Corvair for competition use by
Rick Stansbury who has been researching this topic and is currently building
a competition car to replace his #5 Teal blue track car many of you may have
seen or seen pictures of.  The second Tech Session will be given by Ken
Klingaman on Static vs. Dynamic Compression Ratio (CR) as a function of
various factors like valve/cam opening angle, rpm and who knows what.  Both
of these will be participatory and welcome input and questions from those
present.  The first, on how you build a roll cage, where attachment points
are, etc. safety, will begin in late am, planed for 11 AM.  The second, CR,
will be after lunch, around 2 PM.


            There will be a Chalk Talk on how to drive BeaveRun for NECC's
next day's track event, around 3 PM, followed by the NECC Driver's Meeting
for Monday Time Trial participants.

            There is time to talk and plenty to share.  I understand the
Time Trial is not fully subscribed, so don't hesitate to sign up on the NECC
web-site for forms, etc.


            The Hampton Inn is located close to the intersection of I 79 and
I 76 (PA Turnpike).  I "think" it is exit 26.  The track is 5 minutes North
of I 76 exit 13 (old exit number 2, I think).  Very easy drive; both
locations are right off interstates.


Come and join the fun.  (Saturday eve we generally get together and go eat
somewhere-for those of us already there-same thing on Sunday eve-y'all are


Chuck Sadek for Warren LeVeque, Dan Giannotti, and NECC