<VV> Mag Caps (long, some Corvair)

Shaun shaun_mcgarvey@shaw.ca
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 18:09:12 -0700

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From: "Russell Heim" <chevyii@optonline.net>

> My 1964 Monza convertible has the Monza caps and I love them.  I think the
1964 wire caps are nice, but I'm going to stick with the Monza caps because
I think they look great.

Chevy thinks so too, they've used them on more than one car. '66 Chevelles
had a VERY similar cap with, I think one more circular line and in 14", but
Vega used almost exactly the same cap with a different center and made out
of crappy metal. See,

yea, Vairily ... Shaun