<VV> carb rebuilds

cash case cash.case@sbcglobal.net
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 20:13:59 -0500

I rebuilt a set of carbs today for the '65 monza/110/auto/ac
It went ok mostly...
A couple of things that went not so ok were that idle enrichment vents, 
I think thats what they are called at the base of the carbs, and 
I ordered some new enrichment valves (Little metal tang with a rubber 
tab on the end of it). They came with new screws. I had the old ones, 
but I figured that it came with new ones so I'd use them. Bad idea. 
They seems to be of a bit larger diameter and when I screwed them into 
the base of the carb the head twisted off. Luckily I had a spare carb 

The second thin is that When I got them back together I couldn't get 
the idle to come down. The engine was racing like crazy.
The linkage all looks correct front the pictures I have and the classic 
corvair book.

Anyone have an idea what I might have done wrong?

It used to hardly move in drive without stalling.
On the up side, the car seems to have great power now.   ;op

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