<VV> carb rebuilds

Norman C. Witte ncwitte@wittelaw.com
Thu, 12 Aug 2004 08:14:12 -0400

> I ordered some new enrichment valves (Little metal tang with a rubber
> tab on the end of it).

Sounds more like the vapor vent.  Enrichment valve is under the venturi

> Anyone have an idea what I might have done wrong?

1.  Start at the beginning of the tune up procedures starting on page 6-7 of
the shop manual and work your way all the way through.
2.  Silly question, but is the throttle return spring hooked up?
3.  Check to make sure none of the plug wires are interfering with the

If you did all of this, AND you don't have a problem like the choke linkage
binding or some other linkage being installed backward, then the problem is
probably internal.  Next step would be to isolate which carb is the problem.
I would put my hand over each carb one at a time, and see if it idles
normally on one carb.  If closing off one carb just about kills the motor
and closing off the other has no effect, you know that the one that slowed
the motor is the one that is pouring a lot of gas into the motor. If the car
has dual exhaust, you can also feel the exhaust from each muffler and see if
the exhaust from one side is hotter than the other.  If it is, the hot side
is the carb that is probably improperly adjusted.

Once you've isolated which carb it is you can tear it down and make sure
that it was properly put back together.

I'm sure some of the carb gurus have better suggestions than this, but if
you haven't done the shop manual adjustment and tune up procedure yet,
you're probably not going to cure the problem.