<VV> RE: Re: Shhhh...'60 questions (humor)

Tony Underwood tonyu@roava.net
Thu, 12 Aug 2004 14:06:05 -0700

At 10:25 hours 08/12/2004 -0700, Mike Stillwell wrote:
> I'll give you the fact that you're no light-weight
>tony, but no floors and a thick pair of shoes in the
>'60, just doesn't cut the mustard here.  

I have that chain with the hook that I used to carry with me, drop it
through the floor and let it snag the manholes to stop me quickly if need
be.   Trouble is, I always had trouble finding something in the car to
attach the other end of the chain to that was solid enough to hold...   So,
I ended up just redoing the brakes and then I no longer had reason to
maintain the holes in the floor.     

>And no, Autumn
>doesn't quailfy as a power booster either.

She *does* maintain the notion that she is all-powerful...  always
insisting that she's gonna kill me in my sleep and sell my stuff and buy
herself a real car someday when she's old enough to drive.    Either that
or take the Subaru which she does like...   

> In all fairness, tony's '60 did get floors
>reinstalled about a year and a half ago.

They're a bright silver luster now, coated with two layers of commercial
grade Rustoleum high octane silvertone metal protectant paint, some sort of
acrylic binder saturated with metal particles that really penetrates the
metal and grips it with a vengeance.   I'm gonna use the stuff on the
floors of anything/everything I have to keep them from rusting...  this is
some good stuff and it's fairly cheap and I'm a cheapskate  from the Old
School so I pay attention to success with minimum expense.    

By the way, I really did see a Vair power brake setup, small booster with a
vacuum line running to the engine, simply bolted to the firewall in place
of the master cylinder and the MC bolted to the front of the booster as per
typical power brake stuff.   It was quite small but then I suppose it
didn't need to be very large.   I was told it was a JC Whitney kit.    I
did once hear a discussion about another power brake setup someone put
together that had the standard MC in the usual place only it was plumbed to
a slave cylinder that was attached to a standard factory style power brake
booster mounted on a bracket in the floor of the trunk that was in turn
plumbed into the brake lines.   This setup supposedly used all "factory"
stuff aside from the slave cylinder that was fabricated from clutch parts
off some sort of import pickup truck or something.     
My stuff stops OK I guess...  Autumns big feet notwithstanding.   Besides,
she still doesn't like riding in the '60 4-door...  can't imagine why.