<VV> LM Shifter Adjustment

Brown, Douglas T CIV NAVAIR DEPT douglas.t.brown@navy.mil
Fri, 13 Aug 2004 07:49:49 -0700

Thanks Larry and all who responded.  I have a replacement coupling and pin.  
I'll put them in.


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At 07:09 AM 8/13/2004 -0700, Brown, Douglas T CIV NAVAIR DEPT wrote:
>I recently bought a '65 convertible and it doesn't want to shift into 
>reverse.  Is there an adjustment in the linkage to correct this, or do I 
>need to replace the coupling and pin?  Is it in Bob Helt's book?  I have 
>that, but haven't had the time to look.
>Toby Brown
>'67 Crown Corv8
>'65 Monza 140 Convert.

Hi Toby,
Start with replacing the pin and check the shifter fork for slop at the 
transmission shifter shaft.  That fork might need to be replaced also or 
brazed and drilled to fit.  Next, and this is the big cure once you have 
done the rest, is to check Richard Finch's book "How to Keep Your Corvair 
Alive" and his fix by adding a bracket at the front of the shifter tube to 
properly center and locate the shifter tube.  It is a simple piece with a 
hole in the center and locating holes for mounting.  Most likely one of 
these will correct this and make your shifting more positive.